CATALONIA mobility

Between the 5th and 10th of March, 23 students and teachers from School 1st Primary school of Glyka Nera and Ahmet Yesevi Ilkokulu visit ZER Baix Camp Sud in Catalonia (Spain). There were really nice days with a lot of work done.

1st day: We arrive at Catalonia (Spain)!

This time we had some problems with the planes. The Greek team arrived on time, but for the Turkish one, the plane arrived about 6 hours delayed. It was great to meet face to face with our friends again. At Vilanova d’Escornalbou the elder people association prepared a dinner for our guests. After dinner, we went to bed tired after a day of many emotions.

2nd day: First contact with school and workmates

Today, we met at school Font de l’Arc. Students from the school were waiting for guests. They showed the school and gave some presents.

After that, we were welcomed at the Town Hall by the mayor of the village and other authorities.

Returning to school, all the primary school students and the guests played a gymkhana around the village to know the principal places in the village.

We had lunch at the school canteen. 

In the afternoon, we went to the library of the village and a teacher of the school explained a Catalan fairy tale to the audience. Also, we start to present the work of the week. The goal is to make some short films using the Stop Motion technique about the book “Charlie and the chocolate factory”. We did a presentation of the work to do and made the international teams with what we are going to work during the week.

Late in the afternoon, we were able to experience some traditional Catalan cultural activities such as playing “bitlles catalanes”, dancing “sardanes” and watching how the “gegants” of the village dance.

3rd day: Let’s visit Reus and start working!

At half past eight, we left to visit Reus, the modernist house “Casa Navàs” (the house of an important family at the beginning of the XX century, which become rich with the textile trade) and “Centre de lectura”, a cultural institution which has inside an important library, and promotes a lot of activities open to the city.

In the afternoon, we went to Duesaigües to visit the other school of the ZER Baix Camp Sud. We walked along the village and at school, in international groups, we started doing the story telling of the short videos about “Charlie and the chocolate factory”.

Then we returned to Vilanova d’Escornalbou and participated in the “Chocolate fair” where we could taste different foods made with chocolate. 

Greek chocolate receipts

Turkish chocolate receipts

4th day: A working day: stop motion videos preparation

We spent all the morning preparing the sceneries, the characters, the musics… all the necessary to prepare the stop motions about what happens in the book of “Charlie and the chocolate factory” to the main characters: Charlie Bucket, Augustus Gloop, Veruca Salt, Violet Beauregarde and Mike Teavee.

After lunch, as it was 8th of March (Women’s day), we did an act to commemorate the date. 

And after that, the students participate in the current activities of the school.

That afternoon we visited the old oil factory museum of the village. There we could see the old machines that were used to make oil, and we verified that Greece, Turkey and Catalonia used the same technique. We were able to taste different kinds of olive oil.

In the evening we visited Tarragona, a city declared Human Heritage by the Unesco: the amphitheatre, circus, the mediaeval city… and also we had dinner there.

It was a long and nice day!

5th day: Record the stop motion videos and brotherhood dinner

Thursday, the day to finish the work and do the evaluation. We started the day finishing the videos using the technique of the Stop Motion and the CapCut video editor. All the groups did a great job. Here you can see the results:

Mike Teavee

Augustus Gloop

Violet Beauregarde

Veruca Salt

Charlie Bucket

After working, we did the evaluation of the mobility. All of us think it was a great experience.

We had to walk to the mountain and see a sustainable house, but it rained, and it was not possible to do the hiking. 

In the evening, families, children, teachers and people of the village share a nice dinner with music from the “batucada de la Farnaca de Cambrils”, dances and a lot of fun.

6th day: Goodbye!

It was time to go back home. After sharing these days the relationship between schools 1st Primary school of Glyka Nera, Ahmet Yesevi Ilkokulu and ZER Baix Camp Sud has grown up. Each time, there is more confidence between teachers and students. We want to say thank you to all the associations of the village that have been involved in the activities and had help to this fantastic week.