In this section you can find the language, science and other extra activities we have done to develop the project.


Comprehension of the book

Pupils read the classical story “Charlie and the chocolate factory”. With the aim of working the vocabulary and the comprehension of the book, pupils do some activities (worksheets, online games…).

Biography of Roald Dahl

Pupils search on the Internet the main aspects of the life of Roald Dahl (biography, historical context, main important books, curiosities of their books…). With this information, pupils create some posters through Canva.

Description of the characters

Before reading the book “Charlie and the chocolate factory”, pupils write descriptions of the main characters and create an avatar of each one of them. Using Jamboard, as a guess game, pupils put these descriptions in the slides, without saying the name of the characters, and avatars. The pupils of the other countries guess who is who.

Stop Motions

During the mobility of Catalonia, pupils recorded Stop Motions about several scenes of the book “Charlie and the chocolate factory”. Pupils created the plot, made the sceneries with recycled materials and took the photos of each scene. Finally, with the app CapCut, pupils edit the video and put special effects.


Simple machines

Pupils experiment with simple machines to learn their main parts and their functioning. After, pupils record some videos in which they explain all that they learn about simple machines and build some model scales with recycled materials.

Visit factories

C.R.E.O. Chocolate factory

Industrial Gas Museum

Dairy Milk Products

Pupils of each country visit a factory to observe and learn the different simple and compound machines which are used to produce some daily products.

Virtual Museum

Using the platform “CoSpace”, pupils create a virtual museum in which they collect all that they observe, learn, experiment and work about simple and compound machines through different products (videos, posters, photographies…).

Creators of a videogame

During the mobility of Turkey, to learn some items about robotics and Scratch, pupils create a videogame about “Golden Tickets”, related to the book “Charlie and the chocolate factory”. Pupils create the plot, programme the microbits and create the scenery. You can look the results in the videos.

Extra Activities

Be a Booktuber

Catalan, Greek and Turkish pupils shared videos in which they explained the interesting books that they read during the summer.

Send Christmas Postcards

Before Christmas holidays arrived, pupils create and send Christmas cards to wish “Merry Christmas” to their workmates in the project.

Women’s Day

During the mobility of Catalonia, the 8th of March 2023, we celebrated the “Women’s Day”. Catalan, Greek and Turkish investigated and collect information about an important woman of each country. All together, we made a mural to praise these women and their contributions in our history to the skies.

Mini dictionary

Before each mobility, Catalan, Greek and Turkish pupils made a mini dictionary with the typical expressions in four different languages (English, Catalan, Greek and Turkish), with the aim of helping one from each other during the face-to-face communication.