In this section you can find the language, science and other extra activities we have done to develop the project.


Picture multilingual dictionary

Picture interactive dictionary. Pupils choose the important words of the fairy tale and they create an interactive and collaborative dictionary which includes a draw and the word in the four languages.

Multilingual audiobook

Read and record, in a collaborative way, the fairy tale of “The three little pigs”

Digital comic

Create a digital comic about “The three little pigs”. International groups create, through Pixton, a digital comic about this fairy tale.

Rhythmic poem

We have done rhythmic poems using the sustainable house vocabulary.


Ask scientific questions: We propose to continue the fairy tale: “After some years the three little pigs plan to renovate the house and they want a sustainable one.” Pupils, taking into account this fact, share scientific questions about different materials which we can use in order to build houses. Also, we focus on sustainability and ecological buildings.

Previous work to help pupils answer the scientific questions. Pupils search for information about materials, what means a sustainable house, types of houses, energy in the house (light and heat), how to manage the waste and use of water. After, pupils make a mindmap with Popplet.

Design and make a model of a sustainable house (hi ha fotos)

Extra Activities

Each international group searches for information about different topics of each country and creates a poster using Jamboard.


Christmas online meeting

Summer postcards exchange

Art activities